FAQ – Knapp Made Products


A family owned brand dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

 How are your products different?
If you are looking for the highest quality products from a trusted brand, look no further. Our patented chain mail products are designed to safely and easily clean your cast iron cookware and other kitchenware, without removing the precious seasoning you've worked so hard to build. To use your CM Scrubber®, simply run the pan under warm water and scrub. Fried on foods and charred bits release easily from the pan's surface without the use of detergents! Made of durable 18/20 stainless steel chain mail, this scrubber comes with our famous Knapp Made Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


Which of your products is the best?

We offer a variety of products to meet your needs. Ultimately, the decision is a matter of preference and use. Our CM Scrubber® 4" is best known for its recommendation by America’s Test Kitchen, Rachael Ray, and more.

CM Scrubber® 4” - Heavy Duty, Very Tough on Grease and Grime, Grills, Commercial & Home Use, Designed for Cast Iron pots and pans. Start gently when using this product - a little bit of scrubbing goes a long way!

CM Scrubber® 6” - Largest dimensions - Tough on Grease and Grime, Easier Handling and Increased Control, Daily Home Use, Iron skillets, Dutch ovens, Grill pans

Chainmail Dishcloth™ - Replace your sponge, green scrubby, or regular dishcloth, with our Chainmail Dishcloth. Use on Commercial & Home Pots, Dishes, Cast Iron, Fryers, Stainless steel, Glassware, Crystal, Carafes, Decanters, Ovens. Your kitchenware will last longer with the CM Chainmail Dishcloth. 

How can I learn more about your patented designs?

Short Answer: Our patent protects our product’s unique design and quality. Simply search US Patent No. D702009 to learn more.

Detailed Answer: Chainmail has been around for hundreds of years...and pots, pans and cooking utensils were around hundreds of years before that. Every high-end cooking product available today is patented - Lodge, All Clad, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, etc. A patent is an assurance of quality from a company that offers products you can trust, with warranties you can count on. You can find out more about our patent by searching US Patent No. D702009.


Can I use your products on enamel coated pans?

We do not recommend using our products on anything coated in enamel or other coating.


Where are your products made?

Short Answer: Our products are sourced in China, while assembly, packaging, shipping, and quality control takes place in the United States.


Detailed Answer: Knapp Made Products supports Made in the USA where we can - final quality control, assembly, packaging and shipping all takes place in the United States.

We take pride in the quality of our products requiring 316 Grade Stainless Steel – the finest grade of stainless steel used in food service and surgical products. 316 is difficult to handle, especially when considering our handmade chain mail using 15 Gauge Wire. After the chain mail is assembled, the pieces are further hardened in a finishing process resulting in the reflective stainless-steel finish you expect in quality stainless steel products. This allows our products to stay bright and shiny after many years of use.

Chain mail in the quality outlined above, with the required finish, cannot currently be sourced in the United States. Our high-quality chain mail comes from one of a few manufacturers in China who can meet our quality standards.

How do I clean my product when it is dirty?

Simply place your product in the dishwasher and it will come out sparkling clean.

Do you offer any guarantee or warranty?

Our CM Scrubber® and Chainmail Dishcloth® products will last a lifetime. Don’t take our word for it! Your purchase is protected by our famous Knapp Made Lifetime Replacement so you can get your product replaced at any time, for any reason. To learn more please click here. Limited to 1 request per product, per customer.


Do you offer a wholesale program? 

Become an authorized reseller by applying here.