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Why you shouldn't be using sponges in 2020


The kitchen is a center place for families. Sharing memories, food, and unfortunately deadly bacteria. While it has been commonly known that dish sponges can hold harmful bacteria, recent research proves traditional methods of cleaning those sponges does not reduce bacteria growth. In a paper published by Nature Scientific Reports, German researchers were able to expand on previous studies with of new developments in gene sequencing technology.

But I clean my sponge!

You may have microwaved your sponge or soaked it overnight in an acidic solution. The new research reveals that the act of sanitizing your sponges kills certain threads of bacteria and allows others to grow rapidly on a blank canvas.

Look for 316 Grade

There have been many advancements in the quality of cleaning products available to households. 316 Grade Stainless Steel is the finest grade material, used in food service and surgical products. Products made with 316 Grade have been developed to rid themselves of highly contagious bacteria threads for limitless re-usual.

The Chainmail Dischloth for example, was developed for the same utilities as your sponge or kitchen scrubby. Once a week, throw it in the dishwasher or rinse with hot water and soap! It includes a lifetime warranty and is priced affordably.

At Knapp Made we believe in keeping the kitchen as a place for memories, not bacteria.